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Visit Diu - Tourism portal about hotels and resorts at Diu - a tourism portal provides you detailed information of hotels, resorts and restaurants available in Diu. One of the India’s undiscovered gems; this was the first landing point for the Parses when they fled from Persia, although they stayed only three years. Like Daman and Goa, Diu was a Portuguese colony until taken over by India in 1961. All year round pleasant climate makes Diu a place one can visit anytime, but the months between October and May are the most ideal. But if you want to catch some local flavor and culture, then come during the festive season during the Navaratras in October/November when dancers perform both Gujarati dances like the Garba and Portuguese folk dances like Mando, Vira and Verdigao.
Beaches, Cathedrals and the colonial architecture are of the prominent feature of this statured-escapade. It holds many a pristine location to pay visit to; Diu Hotels are as much mesmerizing as the place itself is. Amidst many hotels in Diu, Krishna Park resort, Hotel Apaar, hotel Apana, Hotel Alishan and Hotel Relax Inn are some of the customer-serving entities. The aforementioned hotels in Diu are of the high-statures infrastructure. Not only this, Cheap Diu hotels can also be retreated to for saving on the precious pennies. You also need not worry of the caterings that the hotels in Diu provide you with; it has various Budget Diu Hotels that make it an enlightening experience to fall in the luxury at nominal prices.

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